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Information on TNLEC's Entertainment Consulting Services is provided below:




As a musician, and/or band, you have already invested thousand$ on your gear and thousand$ more on recording your music.  Isn't it time you invested in delivering your music through a great live show?


Good bands are a dime a dozen.  Standing out and separating yourself from your peers is a key component toward becoming great.  Today's music industry is a live show business and most of the key revenue streams critical to an Independent Artist's growth are directly related to your live show.  Music lovers do not attend shows to "hear" a live band but rather, they attend to "see" a live band.  You need to give them the live experience that will make them attend your shows again and again.


The Next Level Live Show Boot Camps gives you the tools to go from having a "good" live show to a "great" live show to a "wow" live show.  We help you create "impactful moments" through on stage methodology that creates a connection with the audience.  We work with you to create the "perfect" live show set list, complete with movement with a purpose (not just movement), uniquely your own, that will engage fans in a new, lasting and profound way. 


Our intense Live Show Boot Camps are available in either a 3-day or 5-day format, where each day will follow a specific guideline to ensure that everyone's time is used effectively, efficiently and productively. 


We also provide Live Performance Boot Camps for Speakers and Entertainers.  Please contact us to further discuss.





If your event requires Sponsorship Procurement, then The Next Level Entertainment Consulting Inc. can help.  With over 40 years of sales, marketing and management experience, the principals of TNLEC are results oriented, productive, and driven to increase your profits.


Please contact us to further discuss your event's needs.






Do you have an event that you wish could be better attended, more profitable, easier to organize, less time consuming?  Are you unsure of where to start your planning? 

Has your event grown to a point where you need overall logistics and management consultation?


If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then we can help!  Please contact us to further discuss your event's needs.






Need Event Tickets, Drink Tickets, Coat Check Tickets or Wristbands printed for your event? If so, then TNLEC can do the printing for you.  With our in-house Ticket Printing Equipment and a variety of ticket and wristband stock, we can efficiently and cost effectively print tickets for you. 


Please contact us for more information.

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